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We ask you for: 100% commitment. We give you: 100% guaranteed results! You will have a focus of 100% on training, nutrition, and lifestyle changes together with your Personal Trainer. This way, you are guaranteed to have the best results! Personal Training in Rijswijk is best done with the best Personal Trainers.

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2288 GM Rijswijk

20 kg lighter, much healthier and more active

20 kg lighter, much healthier and more active

Posted on: 2017-07-08

It started as a typical New Year’s resolution – I wanted to lose weight. After giving it a bit more thought I concluded that I need a lifestyle change, so I decided to contact HealthCoachPlus

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  • I've lost 13Kg, but better then losing weight is the fact that I'm having another and better life style!

    Ana Carolina
  • Excellent coaching on technique, work hard, but always safe!

  • Inspirational, professional, reliable and entertaining - what more do you need from a personal trainer?

  • Do I have any complaints? Yes, just one: my old clothes do not fit anymore!

  • Now I have more energy, smaller clothes and I feel stronger and healthier than I have done for a very long time!

  • I was a couch potato all my life and I discovered that weight training is great for me

Ana Carolina Rob Robin Agnieszka Dawn Theodora