After years of trying to loose weight on my own, following costly diets with various results, I realized the quality of my life (and my health) were still in a pretty poor state.


After another failed and costly attempt to loose weight and become healthier, it was my brother who suggested me to join a bootcamp group, advocating the social element of group exercising would keep me motivated.


As I set out to find a bootcamp group in my neighborhood, I came into contact with Personal Training company HealthCoachPlus. Aware of my poor physical condition, I decided to first call the trainer for advise on joining the bootcamp.


When I mentioned my weight, trainer Robert first invited me for an intake. We concluded that in order to avoid injuries to the joints when bootcamping, Personal Training would be better suited to my needs.

And so I started back in April 2013 at HealthCoachPlus with personal training and nutrition advise. Below my personal experiences at Health Coach Plus:

Experiencing Personal Training

During the training sessions, you have to work hard. But you can do more than you think and the trainer helps you to push your boundaries.

Excellent coaching on technique, work hard, but always safe!

The trainer also keeps varying the exercises so the workouts are as effective as possible whilst ensuring a balanced development. Variety is also good to keep you motivated.



  • Work hard
  • Trainer helps you push boundaries
  • Coaching on Technique. Work hard but smart (safe)
  • Variety of exercises for balanced development, effectiveness and motivation


What did you gain from Personal Training

My initial goal was to improve the quality of my life. Along the way of training, I started to loose weight and becoming fitter.

Despite losing a ton of weight, which made me look a whole lot better, these were not even the biggest and important changes.
I found that I became happier, more energetic, my self-confidence increased, I was more focused and took better decisions and
was able to better balance my work-life time.

Personal Training even improved my career as result of the changes I made as a person, resulting in promotion and a chance to become an ambassador for my company in a foreign country.



  • More energy
  • More focused
  • More self-esteem
  • More balanced, taking better decisions
  • More happiness / joy in life when you feel fit
  • Career improvements


What are you taking home

  • Lifestyle

Not only work is important, life is equally important.

A well balanced person is more effective at work, so it’s a win for both.

  • Food

An important part of losing weight and becoming fit is your food intake. Together with Health Coach Plus I have been really working on a healthy and normal eating pattern.
Portion control has been a big contributor to my success in losing weight, becoming fit and sharp of mind.

  • Training

You can do more than you think! Pushing yourself beyond the limits of your mind, and I guarantee you will feel fantastic after the workout!



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20 kg lighter, much healthier and more active

20 kg lighter, much healthier and more active

Posted on: 2017-07-08

It started as a typical New Year’s resolution – I wanted to lose weight. After giving it a bit more thought I concluded that I need a lifestyle change, so I decided to contact HealthCoachPlus

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  • I've lost 13Kg, but better then losing weight is the fact that I'm having another and better life style!

    Ana Carolina
  • Excellent coaching on technique, work hard, but always safe!

  • Inspirational, professional, reliable and entertaining - what more do you need from a personal trainer?

  • Do I have any complaints? Yes, just one: my old clothes do not fit anymore!

  • Now I have more energy, smaller clothes and I feel stronger and healthier than I have done for a very long time!

  • I was a couch potato all my life and I discovered that weight training is great for me

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